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Creativity without strategy is called Art,

with strategy, Advertising.

At CANASTA we curious, we connect and we make sense of imagination knowing that what is good is never easy and what is easy is not usually good.

We are a team that generates multiformat strategies and genuine content that connects Brands and Artists with their communities.

From Storytelling to Transmedia... we build community and brand via UGC that comes to life via Brands-Fans-Artists who actively participate going from Consumers to Prosumers, from Artists to Ambassadors…

Target audience: ICP-BP, Business-Product | Proposal-Positioning, Corporate Identity, are our pillars before going further on with Off-On, Phygital or DOOH strategies.

We help you on planning, development, implementation and measurement of your Brand with 5Ps-Canvas-MVP and Multiplatform content generation approach, connecting Brands-Artists with their communities.

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